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#freethenipple isn't about tits - it's barely about breasts

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Free the Nipple came out last year - ironically with censored breasts in the Youtube trailer?
If you haven't heard of #freethenipple, it is most likely because you do not have an account on any social media platform. Or you do and just haven't heard of it. Anyway, it first came to my attention last year, popping up on my Instagram feed, and it later became a conversation in my household when my mother's scientific art was deemed "overly sexual" by Facebook, which really pushes my feminist buttons when you consider their refusal to take down graphic, violent videos, or rape joke pages.

I've since found myself bickering in the comment sections with people who seem to think breasts are primary sex characteristics, or that those arguing its case want a world that looks more like the third page in Britain's most popular newspaper.